About Chaluth

Ms. Thombelina Washington is the sole owner and manager of Chaluth Home Care. She is a Graduate of University of Phoenix where she majored in Nursing and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and Public Health. Additionally, she has taken several health and supervisory courses. She is currently practicing as a Registered Nurse in one of San Joaquin County hospitals and she is also a Registered Public Health nurse. Ms. Washington has over twenty years’ experience in Nursing and Health Care with years of experience in the Home Care business.
Ms. Washington served in various supervisory and management positions at several Nursing Homes in the San Joaquin area. Ms. Washington is licensed by the California Public Health Department (CDHP), to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to CNAs and HHAs. Ms. Washington is currently in school working to obtain her Master of Science (M.Sc.), in Nursing Education.